Fan creates Back to the Future mod for GTA IV [video]

BTTF mod for GTA IV created by fan.

One of the most successful movie trilogies of all times is without any doubt the “Back to the Future” series. A fan of the movies and an avid GTA IV player with excellent programming skills has created a mod for the game.

He managed to create a great virtual replica of the DeLorean, featuring the gullwing doors, a date setting device and of course, the flux capacitor. He didn’t stop there as the modder also gave the DeLorean the possibility to “travel back in time” as when the car hits 88 mph it will disappear for several seconds and then appear again further away.

The only bad news is that this GTA IV mod is not available for download as the developer mentioned that it is a “heavily customized PC project from a die-hard BTTF and GTA fan” that took months to create. He provides some details about this mod in the video above.


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